Till We Say Hello Again

The Last Heretik

The fight for reason in a relativistic and irrational world is a very very important fight. I've been fighting it on this ground: podcasting–speaking reason as much as possible, to as much people as I can. After a year of doing it... 5 subscribers. I did not find the path to sustainability. So with a heavy heart, this will be the last episode.

You cans till reach me in Gab, Minds, and to a certain extent Twitter.

Should I Give Up?

The Last Heretic - Podcast Episode Cover

It's so hard to talk about issues that must be taken seriously, especially if it requires intellectual integrity and critical thinking. People in general are separated into two strains of politics: the political left and the political right. But they fail to realize that both are two sides of the same coin and thus must be subjected to the same intellectual rigor and critical eyes. Unfortunately, doing so would cast you as a heretic. There's nowhere to go, no place to hide from the mob and political inquisition.

Fat Positive Has No Respect For The Healthy

The Last Heretik Podcast Episode Cover: Fat Acceptance Movement

The Fat Acceptance Movement has no respect for the hard work that it takes to keep oneself fit and healthy. To portray unhealth as positive then demand acceptance for that which is undesireable is the height of unreason. This must be called out for what it is: madness. An insane postmodern drive to gain power in society by preying upon fat people.

A Rant About Liberal Insanity

The Last Heretic: podcast liberal insanity

I'm not sure what I'm missing here, it seems that enlightenment standards of consistency, non-contradiction, and logic are not upheld as standards anymore. We should think critically and discuss this topic before it's too late. Either I've gone insane or the larger liberal society has. This is a pure rant (on my part) about what we call "liberalism" and the people who label themselves "liberals". So pardon me if this episode is not really here or there.