Toxic Feelings Will Destroy Us All!

Podcast Cover: Toxic Feelings

The problem lies not on people's inability for critical thought but people mistaking feeling for thinking. Feeling is easy, no effort is required to feel. Controlling those primal urges is harder. It requires a high degree of self-awareness and mental sophistication to do so–that is the mark of being human. Unfortunately, the cult of feelings is rising and it threatens to destroy humanity.

Generation Snowflake Will Destroy The World!

Generation Snowflake

Puppy rooms to relieve stress, Play-Dohs, coloring books, and safe spaces... these are not for toddlers but for college students in universities. We're creating generation snowflake, people who can't deal with negative emotions and things that go against their beliefs. To think that these people will be the intelligentsia and the leaders of tomorrow, the ones who will run and lead society is a truly disturbing proposition!

Bitcoin Pump & Dump: An Adult Talk About Cryptocurrencies

Podcast Episode Cover: Bitcoin Pump and Dump

With the rise in price of bitcoin in a market driven by sentiment, it's hard to find anyone to talk to not clouded by greed or fear of missing out. What are the dangers of getting into a volatile fast moving cryptocurrency market? How do you navigate this new technology and new asset class that has no prior history to base your assessment from?
In this episode, we must have an adult talk about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

READ: the bitcoin white paper.

The Weapon Against Lies

The Last Heretik Episode Cover

In a time of chaos, in a world ripe with propaganda and fake news, in a society plagued by false prophets and sophist, how to do you protect yourself? How do you know who to believe, what to believe? How do you cut through the lies?

Mentioned in this episode: Afghanistan, North Korea, Russia & The Middle East: US Empire Won't Leave The World Alone.