Canada Bill C16, Compelled Speech

Canada's Bill C16 is that moment when neo-liberal ideology and unreason was codified into law. Not believing and saying anything against the gender theory and neo-liberal ideas of gender is now a crime. You are compelled to use pronouns and not say anything critical of the gender theory. Read Canada Bill C16 for yourself. See below.

 Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, the most famous critic of Canada Bill C16

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, the most famous critic of Canada Bill C16

Supporters of Canada Bill C16 assert that there's no such thing as men and women and that gender is a social construct. These people are trying to hijack language through pronoun use in order to gain political power.
Trans people and their supporters make the false assumption that gender (biological), gender role (function), and gender proclivity (choice) are 3 uncorrelated factors, which is false. Gender, gender role, and gender proclivity are highly correlated. We know this because transgendered people make up a tiny percentage of the population, and men tend to be men (and choose to be men), while women tend to be women (choose to be women).

Canada Bill C16 PDF

It's critical to note that as you read this, you need to mind the legislations surrounding it. Though it may say that violation of Canada Bill C16 is punishable by a fine, the question you have to ask then is: what if I don't pay the fine? What then?